In/between Reflex(ions)

Along with inviting distinguished shows, we believe that the presence of the newest generation of theatre specialists is highly important. Because of this we decided to organise an english language workshop during the festival for the theatre studies students' of the countries represented in the festival's programme. The thematics of our workshop will be Theatre between East and West Europe; Theatrical forms and tendencies in Europe; Performance analysis. Near the discussions the participants will be writing and editing the festival's blog.

The workshop will be monitored by Alice Georgescu (president of the Romanian section of IATC-AICT), Marian Popescu (professor at the University of Bucharest) and Maria Shevtsova (professor at Goldsmiths, University of London).


Ioana Alexandru

Judit Ángyán

Simina Corlat

Ráchel Guttmann

Beáta Kovács

Iuliana Matyas

Monika Meilutyte

Enikő Orbán

Zsófia Pálffy

Eugen Păsăreanu

Réka Szabó

Lilla Tóbiás

Irina Zlotea



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