Re-enacting Communism

A living room in a typical apartment somewhere in Communist Eastern Europe: generic wooden bookshelves, an wooden vintage radio with a bad signal, rotary dialtelephone, a couple of armchairs and a lot of books – a lot of books will always give a Tempest away.

Dancing on the Borders of Tradition

Hungarian folk music and dance has a controvertial yet important part in the lives of Hungarians from Romania.

A Midsummer`s Nightmare

To stage or not to stage Shakespeare in a contemporary way? This is the question that many directors have tried to answer: how to engage with one of the most read Shakespearean comedies and not to ruin the subtle meanings which lie underneath the words? The director David Doiashvili has chosen to cut down on […]

Krzysztof Warlikowski’s message of world theatre day

The true masters of the theater are most easily found far from the stage. And they generally have no interest in theater as a machine for replicating conventions and reproducing clichés.

The Ultimate Roundtable Discussion

At the workshop we had a heated discussion about the performance Opera Ultima (directed by Kokan Mladenović). Some of us found it extremely entertaining and also insightful, while others thought its dramaturgy was incoherent and that it lacked substance. We’ve decided to put down all of these arguments next to each other and let the […]

Not my cup of… coffee

I have a confession to make: I truly believe that nothing of essence can be said about coffee and cigarettes after Jarmush’s cultic film, Coffee and Cigarettes.

Dirty Little Secrets of a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

An essay on the representation of paedophilia in Béla Pintér’s Our Secrets

Examples for Non-universal Chair – Exhibition Opening

The exhibiton at MAGMA Contemporary Art Space is the very first event of REFLEX3 International Theatre Festival, and it is similar to the festival in presenting artworks from around the globe.

In/ Between Reflex(ions) – WORKSHOP with the the Mentor Project of theatre journal Játéktér / Playing Area

Besides inviting representative shows, Reflex3 organizes workshop for young theatre studies students, for the newest generation of theatre specialists.  This year we call up for the Mentor Project of the Playing Area/ Játéktér theatre periodical. The edition of the seminar gives possibility for participants for professional support in their own orientation. The workshop’s common language will […]

Reflex3 International Theatre Festival

March 18-31. is going to bring contemporary theatre tendencies to Sfântu Gheorghe. In the European panorama of theatre festivals the Reflex3 International Theatre Festival’s uniqueness is given by its area

Reflex3 – Change regarding the ticket sales

We draw our audience’s attention that due to technical reasons we will begin the ticket sales for the Reflex3 International Theatre Festival from 10th March 10 am. Thank you for your understanding!  


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