The Három­szék Dance Ensemble, Sfântu Gheorghe, RO


Director and choreographer: Árpád KÖNCZEI

New Studio of Tamási Áron Theatre
03/29 Sunday 19:00

1 h
Folk theatre performance in Hungarian with Romanian and English subtitles

“In the late ’70s until the ’90s I had the privilege to experience several ‘rural wedding ceremonies’ in the ethnographic region of ‘Mezőség’. The virtuosity of the ‘Magyarpalatkai’ band impressed me deeply as well as the energy and swing of the wedding guests. Those people knew how to party, to dance without beeing exhausted for a second. This vivid tradition unfortunately seems to fade away in our contemporary society”– emphasizes Árpád Könczei, director-coreographer.

The plot itself is simple, but the characters and the subplots are very carefully constructed, like a wedding fresco with its microscopical details.
One of the most provocative, exuberant folkdance-theatre shows, The Band reveals the freshness and relevance of folklore through the form of theatre offering a peculiar aesthetic experience.

Festivals and Awards:
ATELIER International Theatre Festival, ed. XXI. (2014, Sfântu Gheorghe) – Won the jury prize and was nominated to the festivals Grand Prize.
Folk Dance Festival from Bakony, ed. XX (2014, Ajka-Hungary)
„Tavaszi Táncszemle” Dance Festival from Székelyudvarhely (2014, Romania)


The band – Heveder Band: Levente Fazakas, Szabolcs Molnár, Albert Fazakas, László Szilágyi, György Bajna
Father of the Bride: Endre Virág
Mother of the Bride: Katalin Vajda
Best Man: Endre Melles, Péter Előd
Bridesmades: Rózsa Dombi, Csilla Tüzes
Groomsman: Hunor-Tibor Kocsis
Groomswoman: Mária-Terézia Ürmösi-Incze
Wifes of the Musicians: Gabriella Keresztes, Rózsa Dombi, Réka Lukács, Csilla Tüzes, Imola Virág, Ágnes Váradi
Couple with gumboots: Tas Horváth, Imola Virág
Romanian visitors: Zsolt Tőkés, Edit Tőkés, Hunor-Mihály Pável
Aggressive drunks: Csaba Fülöp, Tas Horváth
Visitors: Csaba Fülöp, Réka Lukács, Tas Horváth, Imola Virág, Csaba Márton

Script: Árpád Könczei, Csongor Könczei
Musical Editor, Set design: Árpád Könczei
Dance masters: Norbert Busai, Zsuzsanna Busai
Costumes: Júlia Simó
Video: Kincső Bakó, Zsolt Kató, Lóránd László
Artistic Associate, Dance master: Csongor Könczei


MARCH 18-31 | 2015

Sfântu Gheorghe | Romania
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