Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfântu Gheorghe, RO

William Shakespeare: HAMLET

Directed by: László Bocsárdi
Based on the translation by János Arany the adaptation was realized by Rita Sebestyén and László Bocsárdi

Main stage of Tamási Áron Theatre
03/28 Saturday 19:00

2 h 45 min with one intermission
In Hungarian with Romanian and English subtitles.

The performance is a co-production of the Tamási Áron Theatre and the Gyula Castle Theatre (Hungary).

Hamlet is a complex text, touching many of Shakespeare’s favourite themes such as the lust and struggle for power, love, treason, revenge, thus giving Hamlet innumerous interpretations. The father-son relationship, the question of inheritance, incest, the problemacy of love and friendship – all running through little stories, faiths and characters. László Bocsárdi built the performance relying on this complexity of layers, interpretations, point of views by following every character with their truths and rights that establish their actions.

László Bocsárdi (born in 1958)
László Bocsárdi is a significant director, manager, one of the most important and active figures of the Hungarian theatrical life in Romania. The performances of the Tamási Áron Theatre are based on the clashes between the powerful visuality of the Romanian theatre and the more rational, realistic Hungarian theatre, resulting in a synthesis which this theatre is renowned for.

In László Bocsárdi’s performance and in the magnificent, perfect interpretation of László Mátray, Hamlet is neither romantic (he has no book in his hands, does not read, does not engage in flowery monologues) nor insane, furthermore, he does not even strain to simulate insanity. He is lucid, knowing he has a mission to accomplish as well as knowing how impossible it is.
Mircea Morariu, Adevărul

Hamlet / Fortinbras: László Mátray
Claudius: Tibor Pálffy
Polonius: László Szakács
Gertrude: Annamária D. Albu
Ophelia: Ágnes  Benedek
Laertes: József Kolcsár
Horatio: Bence Kónya-Ütő
Ghost of Hamlet’s Father: Levente Nemes
Rosencrantz: Alfréd Nagy / Dezső Derzsi
Guildenstern: Attila Diószegi
1st Grave-digger: Zsuzsa Gajzágó
2nd Grave-digger: Gábor Erdei

Dramaturgy: Rita Sebestyén
Set design: József Bartha
Costume design: Judit Dobre Kóthay
Composer: Bence Kónya-Ütő
Stage manager: Edit V. Bartha
Prompter: Szende Gazda



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