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The Centenary presents an outdoor photo exhibition of Tadeusz Kantor`s theatre works, screenings of 3 performances of Cricot2 Theatre, and an open discussion with Teresa and Andrzej Wełminski, former actors of the theatre.

Arches House
03/19 Thursday 18:00
Outdoor photo exhibition opening & open discussion with Teresa and Andrzej Wełminski

Photography kills people – exhibition of theatre photos by Romano Martinis. In 1969, Romano Martinis became the first stage photographer to document Tadeusz Kantor’s theatrical work. Their collaboration lasted for twenty years, until Kantor’s death. Due to their completeness and quality, Romano Martinis’ stage pictures represent an unique document for understanding Tadeusz Kantor’s leading role in the cultural life of the twentieth century.

The exhibition is open during the whole period of the festival.


Director TV: A. Wajda, 1976
Screening of performance with English subtitles
1 h 12 min

The performance created an independent theatrical model, in Europe it became one of the biggest theatre revelations of the 20th century. Kantor’s former fellow students mingle with the Witkiewicz-drama characters. Dressed for funeral, they arrive back to their class as antediluvians, wobbling at the edge of the grave to repeat their old games and rigs. It is considered a complete artwork. With the Dead Class, Kantor proposed a Theatre of Death in a theatrical tour de force, which explored the persistence of memory and its interplay with time and the construction of history. This interpenetration of life and death created powerful and disturbing images at once comic and absurd, joyous and terrifying. Kantor himself took the role of a master of ceremonies, conducting his actors – seemly dead characters who are confronted by mannequins which represented their younger selves.

Tadeusz Kantor (1915 Wielopole – 1990 Krakow)
One of the most significant art and theatre reformers in the last century. Passionate and willful director, actor, author, brilliant theoretician, anti-painter, artist, heretic happening-participant obsessed and vanguard artist. He stripped all the traditional theatricality, created a totally new theatrical world and named it dead theatre.

Teresa Wełmińska and Andrzej Wełmiński used to cooperate with Tadeusz Kantor in all realizations and tournées of Cricot2 Theatre. From 1990 they conducts lectures and workshops together on the history, theory (philosophy) and stage practices of Criocot2 Theatre.



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