RotFront, Berlin, DE

RotFront – Emigrantski Raggamuffin Kollektiv


New Studio of Tamási Áron Theatre
03/30 Monday 22:00

RotFront drag you up onto your feet with their sweat-inducing mix of Russian reggae, Hungarian garage-rock, ska, klezmer and hip-hop. Forget pseudo-world music and pay respect to this band’s multi-national Emigrantski Raggamuffin! RotFront is the brainchild of Yuriy Gurzhy, an expat Ukrainian musician, well known as one half of the legendary Berlin-based Russendisko DJ collective, and his Hungarian fellow Simon Wahorn, a musician and DJ-originator of the Hungaro Groovers Soundsystem. The band has been active since 2003 in various line-ups, staying faithful to their unique blend of eclectic styles, most notably reggae, klezmer, hiphop, cumbia and punk. Their turbo-driven “emigrantski raggamuffin” music, as they themselves call it, deals with everyday life in Berlin and adventures of an immigrant in a big city.

Simon Wahorn: Vocal & Bass – Hungarian
Yuriy Gurzhy: Vocal & Guit – Ukrainian
Katya Tashea: Vocal – Bulgarian
Nils Marquardt: Trombone – German
Dan James Freeman: Saxophon – Australian
Max Hacker: Clarinet – German
Phillipp Zwirchmayr: Drums – Austrian
Max Spona: Vocal – German


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