radio.string.quartet, Vienna, AT

RADIO.STRING.QUARTET – Opening Concert Of The Festival

Main stage of Tamási Áron Theatre
03/18 Wednesday 20h

They challenge our listening habits and precisely that makes the quartet sound so interesting and unique. The great composer and pianist, Joe Zawinul’s often repeated motto play electric, sound acoustic is reversed into r.s.q.v’s slogan: We sing the body acoustic. The band was founded in 2003 with members of various musical and cultural backgrounds, who are bold and inquisitive ventures, and consequently aligned their compass with the borderland between classical music, jazz, rock and pop. John Mclaughlin said: ‘Despite their name they have no artistic connection to any radio station.’

Bernie Mallinger – violin, voice
Igmar Jenner – violin
Cynthia Liao – viola
Sophie Abraham – cello


MARCH 18-31 | 2015

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