Pintér Béla and Company, Budapest, HU


Written and directed by: Béla Pintér

Main stage of Tamási Áron Theatre
03/25 Wednesday 20:00

1 h 55 min without intermission
Hungarian with Romanian and English subtitles.
Not reccomanded under 18 years of age

Budapest in the 1980s. The story takes place in one of the dancehalls where Hungarian folk music was rediscovered, its central theme being the process of becoming informer, the trauma for a whole society. Our Secrets is a kind of arrival at the reality of the present day. Not only because of pressing questions like the human helplessness against its own instincts, but primarily because it shows how values become insignificant in a world in which power, slinking in our lives makes our existence unbearable. It is the top performance of Béla Pintér’s Company in their last 15 years.

Béla Pintér and Company
Béla Pintér is currently one of the most influential playwrights, actor and director in Hungary, his 15-year-old theatre has the greatest traditions in the independent theatre scene. They create a fresh contemporary theatre which reflects on our era and society through a (self)ironic, bittersweet, acerbic world sunk into dreams. The most national among independent theatres, and the most independent among national theatres. Béla Pintér’s unique style and special expressivity attract more and more people all over the world.

István Balla Bán: Zoltán Friedenthal
Dr. Elvira Szádeczky, György Pánczél: Eszter Csákányi
Kata: Hella Roszik
Timike: Éva Enyedi
Zakariás Bea: Szamosi Zsófia
Tatár Imre: Pintér Béla
Szujó, Waiter, Pogány: Szabolcs Thuróczy

Ferenc Tatár, Ági: Angéla Stefanovics
Borbíró: György Póta
Konkoly: Gábor Pelva

violin, viola, guitar: Gábor Pelva
keyboard, bass, viola: György Póta
violin: Hella Roszik

Dramaturgy: Éva Enyedi
Costume designer: Mari Benedek
Assistant costume designer: Julcsi Kiss
Set design: Gábor Tamás
Light design: László Varga
Sound design: István Simon
Props manager: László Quitt
Finances: Gyula Inhaizer
Production manager: Anna Hidvégi
Director’s assistant: Rozi Hajdú


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