Osonó Theatre, Sfântu Gheorghe, RO & L’Fabrika Theater, Kenitra, MA


Directed by: Misi Fazakas
Author: Osonó Theatre Group

Chamber Hall of Tamási Áron Theatre
03/19 Thursday 21.30

45 min
In Hungarian and Arabic with Romanian and English subtitles

The independent Osonó Theater atelier would like to provide adequate circumstances for contemporary theatre experiments by young people. The aim is to educate and begin a dialogue with students through theatre. One of their international social-educational project is the mask@face.now. The documentarist performance realized in co-production with the Moroccan youths is centered on the differences between the two very far cultures, it is a personal and true confession of hopes and dreams. Their performances were presented from Bangkok to Casablanca, The troupe has got 18 national and international prizes.

Cast: Ayoub Anabi, Bernadette Daragics, Hassan Bara, Mohamed Bara, Mohamed Benail, Oszkár Mucha
Vocal: Barna Bartos
Technician: Szilárd Bernát



MARCH 18-31 | 2015

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