Odeon Theatre, Bucharest


Director: Alexandru Dabija
translation by Luminiţa Voina-Răuţ

Main stage of Tamási Áron Theatre
03/26 Thursday 19:00
03/27 Friday 17:00

1h 15 min without intermission
In Romanian with Hungarian and English subtitles
Not reccomanded under 14 years of age

Against Democracy, written in 2010 by the Spanish playwright Esteve Soler (born in 1976) is part of a trilogy which includes Against Progress (2008) and Against Love (2009), each consisting of seven short texts. The trilogy has already been translated into numerous languages and nearly 50 directors staged it in Germany, England, USA, France, Greece, Venezuela, Chile, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Romania. Against Democracy was awarded the Serra d’Or prize (for the best theatrical text of the year) and Against Progress with the French Godot prize (for the best theatrical text of the year).

Alexandru Dabija
One of the most important directors of the Romanian theatre. Since 1991 he has been the director of Odeon Theatre, Bucharest, between 1991 and 1994 as well as 1996-2002 he was also the general manager of the establishment. He received the award for best director in Romania in 1978 and was later repeatedly awarded numerous prizes for his performances by UNITER – Union of Theatre People of Romania. Dabija is interested to present in his artistic view the absurdity of the world we live in.  He was present at the first Reflex with Ionesco`s short absurds Five Sketches.

“Contra el progreso (2008), Contra el amor (2009) and Contra la democracia (2010) are a trilogy-mirror that reflects the monstrosities and sinister contradictions of the times we live in. In them, Soller presents his vision of man and the contemporary world in little Gothic pills, seven candies per work filled with sulfuric acid. A gloomy world which is a distant cousin of the Grand Guignol and episodes of The Twilight Zone; but also an heir to the words of Ionesco or Beckett, the methods of Brossa and Calders, the imagination of Buñuel or the ill will of Boadella. And at the same time, the voice of this young playwright is tremendously personal and sincere, and that makes it irresistible.”
Jordi Duran Roldós, the artistic director of FiraTàrrega International Festival

The Observator cultural magazine reckoned Against Democracy of the Odeon Theatre among the best performances of 2014.

Oana Ştefănescu, Alina Berzunţeanu, Mugur Arvunescu, Mihai Smarandache, Silvian Vâlcu, Richard Bovnoczki, Coca Zibilianu, Dan Năstase

Set Design: Helmuth Stürmer
Costume Designer: Corina Grămoşteanu
Video: Cinty Ionescu
Set co-designer: Irina Moscu



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