M Studio, Sfântu Gheorghe, RO


Director-coreographer: Ferenc Fehér

New Studio of Tamási Áron Theatre

03/30 Monday 18:00

50 min

The only contemporary movement theatre in Transylvania, M Studio creates specific performances, often situated on the borderline between dance and narrative theatre, inventing a fusion-like aesthetics. This performance was a collective creating process of the actors with the choreographer. The title means: struggle for a higher social status. Ferenc Fehér is an important figure in the world of Hungarian dance-theater, his works are appreciated on other continents too (China, Venezuela). He is known by the unmistakable aesthetics originating from the combination of freestyle dance and martial arts movements. KAMPF is highly acclaimed by critics, in 2014 it was awarded for Best Dance-theatre Performance at FNTI, the National Independent Theatre Festival.

M Studio
The M Studio Movement Theatre was founded in 2005 in Sfântu Gheorghe. Originally the company was part of the Háromszék Dance Ensemble, but from 2010 technically functions within the Tamási Áron Theatre. The company intends to reshape western canonical literary works (fx. Shakespeare, Cehov, Schnitzler, Örkény, Kafka) through theatrical and physical language.

Cast: László Bajkó, Katalin Gáll, Eszter Nagy, Levente Orbán, Emília Polgár, László Szekrényes, Attila Veres Nagy
Sound and light design: Dávid Kovácsovics
Costumes: Gyopár Bocskai




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